Your Sarista

Fashion is to a Fashionista, as Sarees are to a Sarista.

A Sarista is one who drapes sarees for a living, and as Your Sarista, we will make sure you are draped in your favourite saree for that special event.

Your Sarista is committed to providing women with a solution for finding the perfect outfit for an event without having to scramble through endless stores or bargain down sky high prices. We pride ourselves in being one of the first e-commerce retailers of sarees, lehengas and ready made saree blouses based out of Toronto, Canada. We are also Toronto’s first retailers to give our customers the option of renting a saree.

Our main collections include sarees, lehengas and ready made saree blouses. Your Sarista will also be able to provide professional saree draping service for those who don’t want to get wrapped up in a mess.

Your Sarista understands that pulling off a saree takes a lot of time, effort and creativity and we strive to make that a more pleasurable experience for you!