SHILANGO is the only brand offering ethically sourced handmade Mexican jewellery. Obviously, Mexican silver is known worldwide, but there are scores of talented artisans using alternative, high quality and sustainable methods of creating jewellery.

SHILANGO’s main goal is to bring jewellery that has never been seen before to people around the world to love and enjoy. While doing this we aim to improve the lives of the artisans we work while still making a profit.


Paola Silk, a young entrepreneur from Mexico City is the Founder & President of  Paola is the fourth of five siblings. Leaving her family behind, she made the move to Toronto almost a decade ago with the mission to grow her business acumen, learn other cultures and languages and to prove that Mexico is much more than beach, sun, white sands, crime and drug cartels. Mexico has incomparable talent, rich culture and a great sense of fashion.  Although Paola has a business degree in tourism, Paola has been naturally interested in the fashion industry since age six. She used to watch Fashion Television with Canadian host Jeanne Becker since the age of twelve and recycled full page editorials to place them on e-v-e-r-y single cover of her school notebooks. The love for her family, native country (Mexico), its culture and the people who move the country forward encouraged her to start This business combines her passions:  Fashion, culture and business.  When she’s not working on the business, you can find her volunteering in her local business community or trying a new local restaurant. And as if this is not enough, Paola is a great mom to her two-year-old son Logan and a loving wife to husband Benjamin.