grāfiti’s design philosophy is to create South Asian wear that is edgy and out of the box but still maintain some traditional Indian elements. The designs are meant to be unique to individuals who wear them; one of the kind pieces that stand out from the sea of fads and trends. The designs are inspired from co-founder, Pin & Nav’s way of wearing their own South Asian wear – always looking to wear an outfit that defies what’s typically expected of the South Asian woman.

After completing her education and obtaining an MBA in Ohio, Pin found it was time to get her feet wet and move to one of the most stylish cities in the world, New York City. Being surrounded by such amazing fashion inspired her to attend New York’s internationally known college for fashion and design, the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After Nav completed her degree from the University of Toronto, she pursued her desire to work in the design and cosmetics industry, learning how trends and fads shape our society and fashion and further solidifying the belief that to make a statement, you sometimes have to go against the grain.

A little bit of edge, defiance and a bold statement; it’s what grāfiti is all about!